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Welcome to 4 Season Company Pty Ltd

4 Season Company Pty Ltd has been proudly supplying Animal Nutrition Products to Rural Stores across Australia since 1997, owned by Managing Director Charles (Chick) Olsson.

Since these early days, 4 Season has expanded to a new factory at Crestmead, south side of Brisbane, to meet the growing demands of rural stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. Primarily supplying a range of dry feed supplement blocks, high demand now has 4 Season including a wide range of products such as salt blocks and molasses blocks to our constantly growing range of products.

4 Season continuously develops products that are being sought by rural Australia and New Zealand. Our range of 100kg blocks grows to meet the needs of the large stock owners, whilst the range of 20kg and 25kg blocks suit the smaller land holdings. For individual property needs, 4 Season works with scientists to identify pasture deficiencies and will develop the most appropriate mix of supplements to feed stock.


Over the past years 4 Season starting producing an extensive range of poured molasses blocks, furthering our services to Rural Australia. Charles (Chick) Olsson and the team at 4 Season Company Pty Ltd are committed to supporting rural stores across Australia and New Zealand.

Four Season's major Animal Nutrition Products include a range of salt blocks such as:

STUBBLEBUSTER - A dry feed supplement block for all sheep and cattle grazing on dry pastures or crops.

PROTEIN 50 - The Premium Protein block for cattle and sheep, containing 50% protein with high levels of bypass protein ideal for lactating or younger stock grazing on dry conditions.

PRE-LAMB - A Protein supplement for lambing ewes, an ideal block used for improving colostrum & milk production levels at lambing time.

PASTURE 16- A balanced supplement containing 16 essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements for Sheep and Cattle.

PRO 40 - A premium Protein supplement for Sheep and Cattle grazing dry pasture.


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the ultimate green feed

  • Professional farmers use quality inputs for maximum production.
  • 4 Season’s GREEN FEED blocks are designed for grazing animals on green pasture or crops
  • Containing high levels of minerals and trace elements, fortified with essential Magnesium, Sodium and bypass protein, allowing sheep & cattle to take what they need, when they need it, to help express their full genetic potential.
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