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Stan's Say

AFTER a valiant fight with ill health, our dear friend John Cox lost his battle and sadly passed away last week aged 72 years. John is survived by his wife Sue, his sister Margaret and the much loved father and father-in-law of Richard and Sarah, Andrew and Rebecca, and Anthony and Cassie and their extended families...

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Winter 2013 Newsletter

The sheep industry has been debating Ovine Johnes Disease control recently. Petali has a property biosecurity plan, commenced 1998, that is Monitored Negative 3 (MN3), the highest level in the Market Assurance Program. Petali is also included in the New England regional biosecurity plan known as NTRBA...

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Letter from Cambodia

Greeting from Cambodia!! In fact, I cant hear you so long time. How are you in the last time? How about your family and your work? That ok? I hope you will set a schedule to visit Cambodia again soonest. In fact, our country welcome all of you all time. I am very happy if you have a chance to visit our county again. I will try of the best to support you all time...

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Minerals halt sheep staggers

THE green pick of phalaris in certain areas of the State has also brought an increase in the risk of phalaris staggers, with reported cases in the South East on the rise. It is the most common form of poisoning seen in South Australia, especially on cobalt deficient soils, caused by the production of indole alkaloids in the young shoots of the phalaris plant. The compound affects the central nervous system and sheep display frequent falling over, incoordination, muscle tremors and limb weakness...

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Zanda McDonald Award

We announced at this year's conference that the PPP Group would launch the Zanda McDonald Award in honour of Zanda - and also to encourage the next generation of agri-leaders to step forward.

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Winter Lamb marking, Royal Oak, NSW

Video: Winter Lamb marking, Royal Oak, NSW

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Zanda McDonald farewelled

BEEF industry leader Zanda McDonald was farewelled in Cloncurry on Thursday afternoon. Some 500 people turned out in the north west Queensland town to attend the funeral of one of the industry's most respected and popular identities. The eulogy was delivered by Zanda's father, Don McDonald. There was only one venue in the 41-year-old's home town that was ever going to be big enough for his funeral...

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BOM to use new model

AUSTRALIA'S top weather forecasters will soon shift to a new dynamic climate model as the use of historical records becomes a less reliable guide in a warming world. From May, the Bureau of Meteorology will issue its winter weather outlook based on its Predictive Ocean Atmosphere Model for Australia (POAMA). POAMA uses current data on ocean and atmosphere conditions - such as sub-surface sea temperatures - to create its forecasts.

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Lamb prices rising

It may have been a bit bouncy through the past couple of months, but the prime lamb market in saleyards has moved forward to quite reasonable returns for quality, well-conditioned product. Better still, forward contracts over-the-hooks have risen to 500 cents a kilogram (carcase weight) for carcases of 18kg to 32kg delivered in July...

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2013 PPP Conference

Dear Chick, Thank you for attending the 2013 PPP Conference. I hope you found it of value and that you were able to reconnect with old friends and make some new acquaintances. I trust you had a safe journey back home and that you have now had time to reflect on this year's themes, presentations and field trips. I have already had several emails from PPP members expressing their thoughts and their feedback. All positive I can report. The team is currently collating all the feedback so, please, if you have any comments or suggestions do send them through to either Sabina or Lisa...

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Zanda: his life, his legacy

The beef industry is reeling at the shock of losing one of its true giants and mourning for 'what might have been' had the life of Zanda McDonald not tragically stopped this week at 41 years too young. Zanda McDonald was a man of vision and a man of action, whose plans and passion for his family business were as big as his sprawling North Queensland holdings...

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The Queensland Faces: Brisbane - Australia's New World City

Video: Brisbane is Australia's new world city. We are the G20 city for 2014. Brisbane has been the fast growing area in Australia. We have been one of the fastest growing areas in the southern hemisphere. We have many offerings and we many nice bush land area to walk through, koala, kangaroo to see, and so many things to see within our city area. We hope you will take the opportunity to come as a tourist, or invest in Brisbane...

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Ewe and Lamb - Supplementation for breeding Ewes and Lambs

The reproduction of sheep managed under extensive and intensive rangeland situations can be affected by nutrient availability especially protein and mineral content of the forages available to breeding sheep. It is imperative that breeding ewes enter their pregnancy in good body condition, particularly maiden ewes. Ewes of a poor body condition score will have trouble conceiving and maintaining a healthy lamb(s)...

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Landmark Company Profile

Agrium Snapshot Employees: Approximately 15,800 & a market cap of $17 billion U.S. (Jan. 31, 2013) Unique Feature is Agrium is the only publicly traded company that crosses the entire agricultural value-chain. Agrium is a major retail supplier of agricultural products and services in North and South America and Australia and a leading global producer and marketer of agricultural nutrients and industrial products...

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Feed Blocks: a strategic alternative supplement for small ruminants raised within crop-livestock systems under semi- arid conditions

One of the principal limiting factors affecting small ruminant productivity in the semi-arid areas of West Asia and North Africa (WANA) is the shortage of forage. This leads to increasing pressure on rangelands and therefore to a rapid deterioration of plant cover in many areas of WANA. Additionally, the frequent occurrence of drought in many countries of WANA results in widening the gap between the feed supply and nutrient requirements of small ruminants.

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