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With the successful explosion of the Australian lamb market, producers now must ensure that their lambing percentages are maximised. It all comes down to the quality of nutrition for the lambing ewe. PRE LAMB’s new technology depends on feeding high quality bypass protein meal and macro minerals to ewes prior to lambing.

By feeding ewes 6-8 weeks prior to lambing, colostrum levels are improved in lambing ewes, which in turn, leads to improved lambing weights and results in higher survival rates.

Healthy and heavier lambs means more money in the bank, and that is where PRE LAMB becomes an important management tool for lamb producers. By supplementing pasture with high quality nutrients in PRE LAMB, ewes have a convenient and quality nutrition source available 24 hours a day when they need it, which improves digestion of forage as well as helping to supply valuable minerals and protein. Considering that many ewes are able to produce twin lambs, extra supplementation using PRE LAMB is a wise economic choice in ensuring that ewes can express their full genetic potential in successfully mothering twins to weaning.

Net Weights: 20kg blocks
Average Consumption rates:
Approx. 4 blocks per 100 head per 20 days.

Replace as needed.
Note: Average block consumption will increase in highly phosphate deficient areas and with poor quality feed 

pdfConditions of Sale

Bypass Protein Meal 400 g/kg 40.0%
Molasses 80 g/kg 8.0%
Min Crude Protein from natural sources 148 g/kg 14.8%
Minimum Total Protein 148 g/kg 14.8%
Mineral Analysis    
Salt (NaCl) Max. 300 g/kg 30.0%
Sulphur (S) 25 g/kg 2.5%
Calcium (Ca) 50 g/kg 5.0%
Zinc (Zn) 1000 mg/kg  
Iodine (I) 1500 mg/kg  
Selenium (Se) 56 mg/kg  
Copper (Cu) 500 mg/kg  
Cobalt (Co) 200 mg/kg  
Magnesium (Mg) 1000 mg/kg  
Note: The above analysis represents the constituent ingredients and relative proportions of the typical product only. Actual constituent ingredients and relative proportions may vary from that outlined above.