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Cow & Calf
(Molasses Based)

Calving is a critical time for breeding stock. Good mothers need excellent nutrition before and after calving, to ensure the health of their calves and themselves.

COW & CALF is a balanced mineral block with bypass protein meal, magnesium, selenium and other essential macro and micro minerals.

Pastures constantly change in nutritional quality. COW & CALF has been designed to complement nutrition in cattle’s diets throughout the calving period.

Net Weights: 20kg, 40kg & 100kg blocks

Average Consumption rates: 
100kg: 1 block per 50 head
40kg: 1 block per 30 head
20kg: 1 block per 15 head

Replace as needed.
Average consumption 200 grams per head per day.

Note: Average block consumption will increase in highly phosphate deficient areas and with poor quality feed

Do not place this product near dams or creeks as cattle may roll block into water. Do not feed out other Urea products while feeding this product.

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Key Macro Ingredients    
Phosphorus (P)   5.0%
Calcium (Ca)   7.0%
Magnesium (Mg)   3.2%
Key Micro Ingredients    
Selenium (Se) 22 mg/kg  
Iodine (I) 68 mg/kg  
Organic Minerals    
Zinc (Zn) 330 mg/kg  
Manganese (Mn) 240 mg/kg  
Copper (Cu) 95 mg/kg  
Molasses 380 g/kg 38.0%
Urea 100 g/kg 10.0%
Bypass Protein Meal   2.0%
Minimum Total Protein   29.0%
Salt (NaCl) (min)   3.0%
Salt (NaCl) (max)   5.0%
Note: The above analysis represents the constituent ingredients and relative proportions of the typical product only. Actual constituent ingredients and relative proportions may vary from that outlined above.

the ultimate green feed

  • Professional farmers use quality inputs for maximum production.
  • 4 Season’s GREEN FEED blocks are designed for grazing animals on green pasture or crops
  • Containing high levels of minerals and trace elements, fortified with essential Magnesium, Sodium and bypass protein, allowing sheep & cattle to take what they need, when they need it, to help express their full genetic potential.
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