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4SC Green Feed

Exclusive To Elders

A premium magnesium, mineral and vitamin supplement for cattle and sheep grazing on all types of pastures and crops, containing organic minerals.

As green feed can contain a poor balance of nutrients critical to maintain optimum health and productivity to animals, It can significantly reduce an animal’s ability to efficiently convert the available feed into meat, milk or wool.

It may also contribute to conditions such as grass tetany and again reduce the animal’s ability to fit off infections.

Containing organic minerals, 8% magnesium and 30% bypass protein and selenium, this makes this block ideal for ewes and lambs, cows and calves.

Net Weights: 20kg & 100kg blocks
Average Consumption rates:
Cattle: 4 x 20kg blocks per 100 head per 5 days
Cattle: 1x 100kg block per 100 head per 5 days

Sheep: 3x 20kg blocks per 100 head for 20 days
Sheep: 1 x 100kg block per 100 head for 30 days

Replace immediately when consumed
Note: Average block consumption will increase in highly phosphate deficient areas and with poor quality feed

pdfConditions of Sale

Magnesium (Mg) 82g/kg 8.2%
Bypass Protein Meal 300 g/kg 30.0%
Molasses 50 g/kg 5.0%
Salt (NaCI) Min. 240 g/kg 24.0%
Salt (NaCI) Max. 270 g/kg 27.0%
Phosphorus (P) 14 g/kg 1.4%
Calcium (Ca) 30 g/kg 3%
Sulphur (S) 35 g/kg 3.5%
Selenium (Se) 45 mg/kg  
Cobalt (Co) 70 mg/kg  
Iodine (I)  680 mg/kg   
Organic Minerals    
Copper (Cu) 100 mg/kg  
Manganese (Mn) 160 mg/kg  
Zinc (Zn) 220 mg/kg  

Also contains: Starches

Note: The above analysis represents the constituent ingredients and relative proportions of the typical product only. Actual constituent ingredients and relative proportions may vary from that outlined above.