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Pasture 16

Exclusive to Landmark

PASTURE 16 is a new generation product that balances a complex of macro and micro minerals, quality trace elements and vitamins. It helps give stock a chance to correct nutritional imbalances in their diet. Humans are freely able to take supplements every day. We believe that farm animals deserve the same choice.

Pasture changes from month to month. It’s either dry or wet, with weather hot, cold or humid. Four Seasons feels that these huge challenges to stock’s performance can be sensibly addressed by providing a complete and balanced supplement 365 days of the year. Stock take what they need, when they need it. It has been designed to be fed out in all weather conditions safely.

It makes sense to have a supplement product in the paddock when animals need it. Usually by the time a stockowner notices a slip in condition of stock because of a dietary imbalance, it is too late. PASTURE 16 works in your paddock 24 hours a day, rain, snow or sunshine. It’s the quiet performer keeping the female in production.

PASTURE 16 is an excellent nutritional protection product for your stock, all year round.


Net Weights: 20kg blocks
Average Consumption rates:
Cattle: 4 blocks per 100 head per 7 days
Sheep: 3 blocks per 100 head for 20 days

Also Suitable for: Horses, Goats, Alpacas and Deer.

Replace immediately when consumed
Note: Average block consumption will increase in highly phosphate deficient areas and with poor quality feed

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Selenium (Se) 56 mg/kg  
Magnesium (Mg) 2000 mg/kg  
Iron (Fe) 1000 mg/kg  
Iodine (I) 700 mg/kg  
Potassium (K) 500 mg/kg  
Zinc (Zn) 500 mg/kg  
Boron (B) 10 mg/kg  
Bypass Protein Meal   10.0%
Sodium (Na)   21.0%
Molasses   8.0%
Calcium (Ca)   Min 6.0%
Phosphorus (P)   Min 3.0%
Sulphur (S)   2.5%
Copper(Cu)   0.35%
Cobalt (Co)   0.04%
Vitamin A 500 iu/kg  
Vitamin D 500 iu/kg  
Vitamin E 1000 iu/kg  
Note: The above analysis represents the constituent ingredients and relative proportions of the typical product only. Actual constituent ingredients and relative proportions may vary from that outlined above.